Brand Story


"Only by creating 'value' for clients, will a business sustain a century.

What Tungshung Technology Co., Ltd.(TST) values the most, are the observation of the industry’s practices, addressing the feedback from industry workers and undergoing relevant transformations.

“There is no product worthy of a perfect score, but we are in constant pursuit of perfect production,” General Manager Steven Liu said. We believe that achievement comes as a result of the work we put in.

As a goal achiever, TST has fundamentally changed the production model and the stereotypical perception of mechanics based on the precision manufacturing craftsmanship. Tungshung are businesses’ ideal long-term strategic partner in achieving sustainable operation.

From Manufacturing to Smart-Manufacturing,
Becoming the Automation Benchmark.


  • 2020
    We build the Brand, TST, for ball screw in 2020.
  • Oct. 2019
    We obtained the golden hand award from Taichung City Government.
  • Jul. 2019
    We signed the contract with AIDC to produce the parts of AJT, HUD and CDP.
  • Jul. 2018
    We signed the contract with AIDC to produce AJT and obtained AS9100D:2016 in 2018.
  • 2017
    We got the plan that the strengthening of regional cooperation and promote the upgrade of smart machinery and aerospace industries in the central and southern regions by Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau.
  • Feb. 2017
    We obtained AS9100C:2009 and S300 of AIDC in 2017.
  • Jul. 2016
    We signed the contract with AIDC to produce MRJ SPOGOT.
  • Nov. 2015
    We obtained S200 of AIDC in 2015.
  • Jan. 2014
    We obtained ISO9001:2008 in 2014.
  • Aug. 2012
    The Laboratory is established in 2012. The measuring instruments are include Three-dismensional, roundness machine, surface roughness meter, and profiler.
  • Sep. 2005
    Tung Shung is established in 2005. It is a manufacture for high pension mold parts and customized products.



    TST’s most important yet basic value is to do everything within our power to meet our clients’ requests. We uphold transparent and fair employee management and try all means to maintain stable cooperation relationships between manufacturers. We exchange relevant experiences and learn valuable lessons from each other. We openly admit any mistakes we make and communicate any misunderstanding with utmost sincerity.


    TST constantly surpasses industry standards. Only with outstanding quality can we create value for our clients with reliable and efficient products.


    We are devoted to technical innovation, investments in advanced equipment, R&D of new products and solutions in meeting our clients’ needs.


    TST has one-stop production process that is capable of high-variation & small batch production within a limited time period. Our industry-leading efficiency and enhances our clients’ market competitiveness.