Tungshung Technology Co. Ltd.(TST) is honored with the Taichung Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs


TST’s stable business operations, outstanding overall performance and contributions to society are what won it the 18th Taichung Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs, aka the "Oscar" of the manufacturing industry.

Founded in 2005, TST is a leading manufacturer of precision components, focusing on the development of technology and the production of customized products, including a variety of mechanical parts, electronic equipment parts, precision mold parts and automation equipment parts. All these products can be customized according our clients’ needs. We even offer customization services for single item orders.

Since its establishment, TST has focused on R&D and adhered to the high-quality guideline to solve each individual client's manufacturing problems. The Company also invests resources in development of different fields. General Manager Steven Liu believes that “there is no product worthy of a perfect score, but we are in constant pursuit of perfect production.” We will continue to improve our technology to fulfill the needs of each client in the future.